May 24th, 2012

kittyocean: I give this book a 7 out of 10! (7)
Title: How To Draw The Little Mermaid
Original title: How To Draw The Little Mermaid
Author: Disney, but it's mentioned the illustrators are Philo Barnhart and Diana Wakeman
Language: English
Series: Disney's How To Draw
Format: Paperback, unusual large size
Pages: 44 pages
Publisher: Walter Foster Publisher
Year published: original 1992, my edition 1992
ISBN number: 156010161X
Topic of the book: How to draw
Reason for reading: I got it from my parents when we visited Florida (USA) and I love The Little Mermaid-movie. I think it was my second How to draw book (but could be third as well).
Recommended: Yes

Back cover text:

Artists young and old will enjoy trying their hands at drawing Ariel, Sebastian and the rest of their friends. In How to Draw The Little Mermaid, easy-to-follow steps and tips from Disney artists will have you drawing characters in a variety of poses and moods. You'll also learn interesting facts about the movie. Learning to draw has never been so rewarding!

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