kittyocean: I give this book a 2 out of 10! (2)
Title: How to draw Shojo Manga
Original title: How to draw Shojo Manga
Author: Various
Language: English
Series: None
Reviews for other books in this series (up till now): None
Format: Paperback, slightly bigger than manga-pockets
Pages: 166 (excluding advertisements)
Publisher: Tokyopop
Year published: original 2006 (Japanese), my edition 2010
ISBN number: 97811427816658
Topic of the book: How to draw
Reason for reading: I wanted to learn more Shoujo Manga-styles (I spell it Shoujo instead of Shojo; I believe both are correct)
Recommended: No.

Back cover text:

I don't know what's with How to draw books nowadays. The back text is so much! Anyway, this book tells you the book has useful tips to develop your skills and how the tutorials revolve around a fictional character (Ena), who wants to be a Manga-ka (Manga-artist).

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kittyocean: Hello there, I give this book an 8 out of 10! (8)
Title: MANGA for the beginner - Chibis
Original title: MANGA for the beginner - Chibis
Author: Christopher Hart
Language: English (I also owned the Dutch variant, but I donated that one to my sister XP)
Series: MANGA for the beginner
Reviews for other books in this series (up till now): None
Format: Paperback
Pages: 192
Publisher: Watson Guptill
Year published: 2010
ISBN number: 9780823014880
Topic of the book: Drawing Chibis
Reason for reading: I wanted to get better at drawing Chibis
Recommended: Yes


I know quite some people really hate Christopher Hart/ his books. Please, keep an open mind and judge a book by its contents, not by the person who wrote it. My own opinion will be listed in this review as well.

Back cover text:

The back cover text could be considered a novel on its own. Apparently, the big font 'The Ultimate Guide to Creating Chibis' is not enough. I think the backside text is about 200-300 words. That's a lot.

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