June 7th, 2012

kittyocean: I give this book a 5 out of 10! (5)
Title: Zo teken je Katten, honden en andere dieren
Original title: Let's draw cats
Author: Jane Robertson (art) and Sue Pinkus (text)
Language: Dutch
Series: Not mentioned, but I have another book that has the same layout.
Reviews for other books in this series (up till now): Zo teken je een dinosaurus,...
Format: Paperback
Pages: 143
Publisher: Gaade
Year published: original 1990, my edition 1993 (5th Dutch print)
ISBN number: 9060175557
Topic of the book: How to draw (animals)
Reason for reading: My sister always had this book. It somehow ended up in my bookcase.... I guess we got it at the same time I got the Dinosaur-book.
Recommended: Despite it being better than the Dinosaur-book, I still don't recommend it.

Back cover text:

“Katten zijn makkelijk om te tekenen omdat ze zo vaak stilliggen. Maar het is ook leuk om naar hun bewegingen te kijken als ze in bomen klimmen, zich wassen of een 'prooi' besluipen. Met eenvoudige stap-voor-stap aanwijzingen leer je ook hoe je honden, paarden, olifanten en een heleboel andere dieren kunt tekenen. Ook staat er in dit boek wat je kunt doen met je tekeningen als ze klaar zijn.”

“Cats are easy to draw because they move so little. However, it's also fun to look at their movements when they climb in trees, wash themselves or prowling at their 'preys'. With easy step-by-steps you'll also learn how to draw dogs, horses, elephants and a lot of other animals. This book also mentions what you can do with the drawings when they are done.”

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kittyocean: I give this book a 10 out of 10!, Yay! (yay)
Hello everybody,

welcome to my review-journal. I hope you'll enjoy the reviews. Please, let me know if you miss anything in the reviews or if you have ideas on how to improve things. Time is an issue with me, though. I have about 1-2 hours a week for a review - drawing included! Still, this has been a 'dream'/goal for quite some while now and I plan to go through with this for as long as I can. I have about 2 meters worth of How-to-draw-books, so there's plenty to review!

I also post these reviews to 'Looking for pearls', a new Book-review community on Dreamwidth. You can find it here: http://lookingforpearls.dreamwidth.org/. The community is growing slowly and if you want more reviews, I recommend heading over to Moonplanet's personal account. She reviews way more books, but she doesn't post them all at Looking for Pearls.

The past 4 weeks I posted the new review at thursday and I intent to keep doing that. However, next thursday (14-6) I won't be able to review anything *shakefist*, but I'll still try to do a review somewhere else that week. The reviews have to stay 'fun'/ a 'hobby' for me, so I won't put any pressure on myself. Nor will I often type these news-posts.

Till next time!!

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